Surya is a passion that helps you discover the best of another passion

It is the place where the waves break and technique, discipline, emotion and life come together.

In this idyllic retreat that we’ve envisaged for you, you can practice yoga, surf or have a unique experience combining both philosophies.
To discover, enjoy and embrace a style that will stay with you throughout your life and will guide your decision-making.

This is SURYA.


Carolina Escobar

Yoga Instructor, Surf lover and Soul of SURYA
Get ready and take the leap to discover a new world. I want others to have the same experience that worked for me…carolina-escobar-yogasurf


Thank you for being here. I invite you to watch our video presentation if you haven’t seen it yet. I wanted the first contact that you had with me to be the closest possible. I made the video so that you could see who is behind Surya – a transparent, easy-going person who decided to take the reins of her life and leave her comfort zone. I left my job as a client manager in a financial institution to realise my dreams – to give Life to Surya, Surf and Yoga Retreats. In Sanskrit (the Hindu language) Surya means: God of Sun, my life energy, life energy of All Living Beings. Energy that connects you with the day to fill up with joy, as the two go hand-in-hand. Surya was born one night in a dream that woke me up at past 3am to draw the logo on paper without knowing at the time what to do with it. But the soul is wise and dreams makes it possible to connect with us. The best I could do was to listen to my Being and to give life to my dream, Surya. A home, a lifestyle combining two passions, Surf and Yoga under the warm gaze of the Sun. A personal project created with much Love. A place to share a Healthy lifestyle with everyone who identifies with the exciting world of Surfing and Yoga, that even today keeps me excited and Alive. Be welcome and let’s smile at Life together.


  • Professional qualification

    • Hatha Yoga instructor training. Escuela Conchita Morera (Zaragoza). International Certificate OUAS (Open University of Advanced Sciences) Florida, USA, 2012-2014.
    • Yoga for Surfers Training (unique methodology registered in California), USA, created by Peggy Hall, 2015.
    • Hatha Yoga instructor training. Escuela Tao Center (Málaga), recognised by the international organisation “YOGA ALLIANCE” 200 hours, 2016.
    • Psych-k training, facilitator in changing limiting beliefs/emotional blocks on the subconscious level to achieve the best version of one’s self. Created by Rob M. Williams and scientifically endorsed by the biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton. Instructor Matilde Santos Leal. Castellón, 2015.
    • Continuously learning surfer.
    • Professional Degree in Management, Commerce and Marketing. Business Administration and Management.

Surfer Camps Surya Collaborators

Our collaborators

We work with different Surf Schools to provide services in various spots along the Cádiz Coast. Ask us.

violeta-thumbVioleta Cuesta, yoga professor trained in the Tao Center with a certificate from the Yoga Alliance. A few years ago I left my life as an attorney in Madrid and decided to follow my instincts and come to Cádiz to be a yoga instructor and mother. Since then, I have worked in several centres instructing classes in hatha yoga, yoga for pregnant women, and yoga for mothers and babies. In addition to my yoga training, I also do vipassana meditations according to the teachings of S.N. Goenka.
Yoga and meditation have changed my life and I want to help them change the lives of as many others as possible. I want to spread the teachings of yoga and pass on all the benefits they provide.

SURYA. Surf & Yoga