Captivated by this place’s peaceful and untamed soul!

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A dream lives in your mind. An initiative searches its roots for the place in which it belongs. And when everything is still unclear our beach, La Barrosa, in the Province of Cádiz emerges, tucked in by the Mediterranean and open to the Atlantic. SURYA lives and grows here.
Attracted by the warmth of the southern people, by the climate and its air, we explore the landscape and feel the style in order to find ourselves and develop a project loaded with optimism. The choice is clear – Chiclana de la Frontera – because it has all that and more. That is how intense our love at first sight for this land was.
Wild beaches that feel unspoilt beneath your feet, with white sand and crystalline water reflecting, our calling, enveloping soul, mind and body with the waves, karma and wind.
The peculiar topography of this particular paradise standsout in between opposing worlds so you can experience the perfect balance: nature lovers, adventurers looking for stories, entrepreneurs of risk, lovers of tranquillity and intrepid surfers. Everyone has a place under this piece of sky, with the utmost respect. This marks its international character, which allows cultural exchange in easy coexistence, on the seashore or at the bar.

This marvellous place has inspired Be Surya. We came to satisfy our passion for surfing and to pass on a lifestyle that will stay with you forever.


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